Have you ever heard of the Lansing artist by the name of Joe Hertler?

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Joe Hertler is the frontman, singer, and guitarist for a band known as Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers. The band is made up of members all across the greater Mid-Michigan area.

Now that you're caught up on who Joe Hertler is, you're probably curious why knowing him matters. That's because he's the latest person to partner up with Quality Dairy.

Local Lansing Musician Teams Up with Quality Dairy

Surely, you've heard of the iconic Quality Dairy?

It's, perhaps, the convenience chain for the Greater Lansing area. Where you can get a wide range of items, like milk, apple cider, donuts, liquor, and more.

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In the latest team-up between Quality Dairy and a Lansing celebrity, you'll hear Joe sing about the "Top Shelf line of baked goods, meals, and liquor" that Quality Dairy has to offer. Give it a listen...

Of course, this isn't the first time that Quality Dairy has teamed up with someone from Lansing to make a commercial.

Magic Johnson and Quality Dairy

Remember that one time Quality Diary teamed up with Lansing's own Earvin "Magic" Johnson for a TV commercial?

Back in 1980, in what's believed to be Magic Johnson's first commercial ever, you can see Magic walking up and down the aisles of a Quality Diary, and then leaving with a delicious "Double Dribble Donut" in hand. Give it a watch in the video below.

Now, we just need a commercial starring Lansing's own Matthew Lillard...

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