Phone scams. Phone scams. Phone scams.

How many have you had pulled on you? Me? Too many to count.

Let's see there was the "there's a problem with your social security number and you need to call us" phone scam. The "you've not been paying your taxes and you're going to get arrested and go to prison if you don't call us" phone scam and let's not forget the "this is Publisher's Clearing House and you've just won" phone scam.

The nerve of these bad guys.

Well here's a twist. For the first time that I know of according to News 10, this new phone scammer has a "name" and it's "Greg Harris". Now unless this guys really is a "Greg Harris", I would be really unhappy about this if I were a real Greg Harris and not a phone scammer.

Find out more about this phone scam, and the phone scammer known as "Greg Harris" right here from News 10.

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