The bad guys are at it again with yet another phone scam.

According to the East Lansing Police Department Facebook page, someone posing as an employee and who represents H&H Mobil in East Lansing is calling unsuspecting folks and asking them to give the caller a credit card number so that the person receiving the call can get their "parking permit renewed".

But here's the deal, of course the person calling doesn't work for H&H Mobil, and the company wouldn't be calling you and asking for personal information like that anyway.

Please remember my friend...if ANYONE calls you and asks for information like this, just hang up on them. Or, be like me and always let your answering machine or voicemail screen the calls if you don't know where they are coming from.

Also, if someone calls you from "H&H Mobil" with this scam, call the East Lansing Police Department. I certainly can't speak for them, but I'm pretty sure they'd like to take the phone privileges away from these scammers for awhile.

Get more info on the East Lansing Police Department from their Facebook page here.

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