Just when you thought it was safe to answer your phone...here comes yet another scam.

According to News 10, the bad guys are calling homes and saying that they are from the Lansing Police Department. The fake Lansing Police Department official then asks the people in the homes that they have called to get in their car and drive to the police station. Really? Who comes up with this "stuff"? I wanted to say something other than "stuff" but I didn't want to use bad words...

Anyway, the fake caller from the "police department" wants you to get into your car and leave your home so they can break into it after you leave and then take your stuff. The fake police caller may also ask you to pay them with a pre-paid credit card so they don't arrest you.

Don't believe any of this if you get these calls. The Lansing Police doesn't call and ask you to leave your home and drive to the police station or to pay them either.

If any of these bad guys call you, hang up on them and call the good guys (and girls) at the Lansing Police Department.

Get more info here from News 10.

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