I have always been a fan of Police drama's and movies. there sure have been plenty of them over the years. There was one on CBS that I loved simply called Cold Case. I guess I like them because it is real life drama, and it is always interesting to see justice served, and how they actually solve the crime. The stories behind the cases are always full of drama.

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Cold Cases In Lansing

Maybe there should be a new TV drama here in the Lansing area, according to foxnews47.com. Lansing police have around 85 cold cases. From what I read, and learned over the years cold cases get harder to solve as time passes.  Lansing has a fine Police department, and they say an investigator is working on every case. So far it  hasn’t been easy finding new leads.

It’s a situation that you just got to learn to deal with, you can never accept it,” said Marcus Basey, who lost his son, Marcus Basey II, to gun violence back in 2013. No suspect has been arrested for killing Basey II, a young father of five. They’re out there in the streets,” said Basey II’s mother, Katrina Basey. They’re living their life, getting to talk to their love ones, but we don’t get that opportunity with our son.

Lansing police say they only have one investigator for 85 solved cases in Lansing.  According Police Chief Daryl Green, “It's very difficult for any detective to have over 20 cases, let alone 85.”

Police Need Our Help

AT&T wanted to help so they contributed $10,000 for the cause with the Detroit Crime Commission. You can help too,  If you have any info on any unsolved crimes in Lansing. please call the police at (517) 483-4600.

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