The bad guys...they're everywhere.

Even in my house. Well, they're not really in my house. But my phone is in my house, and they call my house phone with the intent of trying to liberate me of my identity and my hard earned money.


By the way, I get points for taking the high road by just calling them "jerks".

Anyway, here's what's up. I'm sitting around the house the other day, my phone rings, my answering machine clicks on (yes...I'm still holding on to the 80's in some areas of my life...oh well...) and the recorded voice on the other end of the line says he's from the Social Security Administration. He goes on to say that my Social Security number has been suspended because of suspicious activity and I need to contact them to make it all better. To do that I have to give them my Social Security number.


Here's the deal. I know, and you should know that the Social Security Administration will never, EVER call and ask you for your Social Security number. EVER. So if you get the call, ignore it.

Just like I did. Except I wanted to make sure I told you what was up in case the bad guys call you.

Get more info here from the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information website.

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