It hasn't been a really fun year for the graduating class of 2020. Interesting? For sure. But fun? Not really. In school districts across the country, the senior class of 2020 missed out a ton of fun 'last' events that are part of a normal senior year like the 'last' prom, the 'last' game, the 'last' band concert and maybe even that 'last' detention.

It's not going to bring back any of those 'lasts' that they missed out on, but Pizza Hut just announced that they are celebrating the Class of 2020 by giving away a half million  medium 1 topping pizzas to students in the graduating class of 2020. Now, you'll want to get signed up for your free pizza VERY SOON because according to the rules, it's while supplies last. (And from what I've seen, there's been A LOT of people that have already signed up to get their free pizzas.) Also, it looks like you have to sign up to be a Pizza Hut rewards member to get the deal (if you aren't already.) You can find out more about the deal by clicking here.

And Class of 2020--congratulations on all of your accomplishments!

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