I recently saw a Facebook post talking about the fact that for some reason, parents tend to hold on to their children's old dishes. It seems a little weird, right? But yes, I have to admit, I'm guilty. Very guilty. After I saw the post, I went to the kitchen to see what exactly I was still holding on to... and boy, it was a treasure trove.

Now, let's be honest. I'm not the only one doing this, right? I mean, if you took a minute and checked your cupboards, you'd probably find an old dish or two, right? But here's the bigger question, why do we hang on to these? I'm certainly not a hoarder. (Well, maybe borderline hoarder...but that's a different day/different topic sort of thing...) I'm sure the simple answer is that the dishes remind us of the "good ol' days" or maybe it's because we just want to remember their childhood or (and this is probably the main reason) it's that we simply don't want them to grow up.

As we are getting ready to have our son move out for his second year of college, I have a feeling that I fall into the latter of those reasons. (That also gives you and idea of how old these dishes are...) :(  My photos are below. Could you please share your photos so I'm not the only one living in this crazy old dish world. Thanks!



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