The Sopranos is my favorite series of all time and the only series I have watched in its entirety 3 times, and will a 4th.  It was a brilliant idea from David Chase, who is a great screenwriter and producer.  It's not just me either because The Sopranos has been recognized as one of the greatest series of all time by many.  The big question for many fans was does Tony Soprano live or die at the end? It was the ultimate debate on the finale. (Don't Read next feel sentences if you have not watched or don't want to know)  If you watched it, you know the screen just went black at the end.  My opinion is he was whacked, over and out, goodnight.

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New Sopranos Movie Soon

The series was so brilliantly acted and so damn real to me. No TV show has ever kept me so entertained. I am so excited that the prequel will be coming out soon.   It's called "The Many Saints of Newark",  and has high school-age Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini's son, Michael. It will also have the voice of James Gandolfini, Michael, and Ray Liotta. Ray is also in my all-time favorite movie "Goodfellas". The Prequel hits theaters this fall, as well as HBO Max for a 30-day run.

Here is a Sneek Peek

Here's a peek at the trailer from YouTube. which gave me goosebumps, Micheal is a dead ringer for his father.

If you have not watched the Sopranos get to it this summer and get ready for what looks like a great Movie.  Can't wait!

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