We all have a classic movie favorites that we love and can watch over and over. Some of my favorites are Goodfella's, Stripes, Fridays, National Lampoons Vacation, and the Godfather movies. In most cases when part 2 comes out we are a little disappointed that it is not as good as the first one.

Well it may not be the case for the long waited sequel to Eddie Murphy's 1988 comedy "Coming to America."  It is hard to believe that it is over 30 years old. The trailer came out Wednesday says rollingstone.com and here's a look:

It is exciting for fans of the movie because it has a deeper look at all the characters.  The film starts streaming March 5th on Amazon Prime Video.

So in part 2, Akeem travels back to America to find his long lost son who lives in Queens, a borough in New York City.

I have been a fan of Eddie Murphy since he began his career. His stand up reminds me of Richard Pryor who Eddie says was a big influence on him. One movie I love from him is "Harlem Nights." It is so funny. Not only because it has Eddie, but it also has Richard Pryor, and Redd Foxx another 2 of my favorites. Redd is from "Sanford and Son," a brilliant funny show from the '70s.

This is gonna be a big year for movies because many have been put on hold to the middle and end of this year. Check out a full list in this article that I wrote a while ago.

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