What's your favorite food? If it's pizza and wings, you're in luck. A new Ohio-based pizza and wings joint called Jed's has joined the Detroit area.

Chef Max Hardy bought the former Grinderz Pizza on 7 mile & Riopelle just 8 days before the first lockdown occurred, delaying his plans to open in May. Forced with a tough decision, Hardy re-focused his efforts on feeding those in need and finally opened the doors to the new restaurant on December 15th.

Hardy isn't new to the restaurant business, he previously owned River Bistro, a Caribbean-Soul restaurant which he closed September 2019 due to slow traffic. Jed's Detroit isn't exactly like the original sports bar in Toledo, Hardy's brought some of the popular items from River Bistro to the menu.

Growing up, Hardy said he ate pizza and wings once or twice a week. Which is why he wanted to open a restaurant that served something people will always enjoy.

“What I’m trying to do as a chef is get out of my own way sometimes, especially when it comes to a restaurant concept. This is something people can love and identify with but I can still keep my chef-ness.”

Not only does Jed's serve pizza and wings, but they're famous for their Fireballs. Which is one of the reasons Hardy became focused on opening one Detroit. Fireballs are either fried or grilled chicken tenders, topped with several different ingredients. There's one called Philly Balls that resembles a Philly cheese steak or one that comes with shredded BBQ pork, coleslaw and cheddar cheese called the Carolina Balls. Yum!

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