Over the past two years, Lansing and the surrounding areas have seen a great number of business closures.

Lansing Businesses That Have Closed

We've been saddened to see the doors close at DeLuca's, Wings Over East Lansing, American Bistro, and a great many more. One of the businesses that was very near and dear to many Spartans was the Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe.

The Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe closed its doors for the last time just before Christmas of 2021.

You can take a look at the heartfelt letter that they posted on their Facebook page. The same letter was also taped to the doors of their physical building for patrons to read.

The Spartan Hall of Fame seemed to close rather abruptly, too.

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FOX 47 News spoke to Lynn Atkins, long-time patron, who had this to say;

It was just such a shock because we actually were going there for dinner one night and it was like overnight— closed.

After about five months of the Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe sitting vacant, we now have some idea of what will be taking over that space.

What Does the Future Hold for the Spartan Hall of Fame?

According to FOX 47 News, Managing Director Gabriel Schuchman said that the space is being redeveloped for a retail shopping center. A fast-food chain and a medical retail business (both of which are unspecified) are interested in that space, with construction to revamp the building coming as soon as this summer.

I'm sure many Lansing and East Lansing residents might have preferred seeing something local and more mom-and-pop take over that space, but the silver lining is that at least some new business is coming to the area.

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