Buckle up. This might get a little weird (and if anybody from MSU's Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) would like to weigh in - do so).

If you've ever watched "The Big Bang Theory", you may have heard Sheldon talk about the many universes in which he may exist. This is a theory related to quantum mechanics - the kind of stuff they're researching at MSU's FRIB. One of the ideas related to quantum mechanics is the "many-worlds interpretation" According to an article this week from NBC News, this idea states that there are many different versions of you, living and making decisions in many different worlds. There's the you reading this and there's a you who getting ready to headline your stadium concert tour tonight.

This theory used to be seen by a lot of scientists as really trippy, but more scientists (as you'll see - not all) are getting on board. And maybe, when the FRIB gets up and running at 100%, they'll be able to prove or disprove the whole idea.

So sit down, open your mind and read through this article. Country music superstar you will get to it after they do wardrobe.

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