Lantern shaped enclosures with colorful lights. A parking lot transformed into a campground with beer kegs for walls. Even air filled domed tents.

According to the Detroit Free Press, these are just a sampling of the creative and unique ways that metro Detroit restaurant owners have put their best foot forward in these difficult times.

During the restaurant shutdown, many owners turned to serve guests outdoors in tents, Igloos and other covered structures.

Even here in the Greater Lansing area, restaurant owners have worked over-time to make ends meet no matter what. And yes that does include curb-side and carry out to make customers happy.

Even though the indoor dining restrictions have been lifted, most restaurant owners say outdoor dining is here to stay and that they have folded fresh air concepts into their business models. (Detroit Free Press)

While every business sector has been impacted by COVID-19, restaurants in Michigan have been hard hit.

Nearly 3,000 have closed and job losses are staggering, estimated at 200,000. Nationwide nearly one in every six restaurants has closed.

Now that indoor dining is open, restaurants will be limited to 25% capacity, which will continue the importance of outdoor spaces to the bottom line. (Detroit Free Press)

Let's all take the time to get out and help out our local restaurants while we can.  So many restaurants have been struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, now we get the chance to do our part by giving local restaurants our business.

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