It seems that the theme for Michigan weather in 2019 has been freezing rain. So far this year, it seems like there have been countless days where the term 'freezing rain' is in the forecast and it appears that this week is no different than previous weeks. According to the National Weather Service, freezing rain is likely--AGAIN--for the Lansing area on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service says that the freezing rain on Wednesday may be mixed with snow early in the day and then will become "all freezing rain after 2pm." It looks like we'll only see about an inch of snow with the storm system on Wednesday, but again it's always the freezing rain that's the main concern. says that we could see snow and ice on Wednesday. At this point, Accuweather says that we could see 1 to 2 inches of snow and "untreated roads will be snow packed and slippery."

But hey--it's Michigan and maybe it'll miss us! :)


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