There will be a big difference in travel for the upcoming holidays compared to last year. Plus it will be more expensive with many more flying this year.  Last year was discouraging for many people to travel with COVID-19.  Most folks chose to stay at home and be safe which was understandable.

I just booked a flight to Las Vegas today out of Detroit to see my daughter and got a great fare of $208.00 round trip which is a great fare for traveling in December.  As we get closer to the holiday's fares always go up.

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When Is the Best Time To Book? says start thinking about finding deals on airfare the same way you would about seasonal items like swimsuits or winter coats  Look for the sales during the off-season like fall and I always found the earlier you book the better.

Scott Keyes, founder of airfare deals site od Scott's cheap flights says;

I'll get asked, 'How do you get cheap Christmas flights?' and they'll ask me around Thanksgiving and I'm just like, oh, I wish you'd asked me four months ago," Now is the time that you really ought to be booking if you're hoping to travel at Christmas or New Year's.

I have been hearing many news outlets and seeing some stuff on TV saying to book now.  There are many sales going on. I booked my Vegas trip on Southwest because they have a "Wanna Get Away Sale" and some of their flights start at 59 bucks but I am sure they won't last long.

Something Else To Know

I have also learned over the years that when one airline has a sale, they all follow.  unfortunately, it works the other way around too.  Book early and get ready to enjoy the holidays with family and friends,

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