I love hearing stories about people winning the lottery especially when it is right in our own neighborhood.  I remember some great stories over the years.  My favorite was when I worked in Philadelphia. This woman won a million dollars on an instant ticket at a liquor store across the river in New Jersey.

4 months later it was reported that her family pretty much took all her winnings, sad.  But check this out a week after that she bought another ticket(same game) and won one Million again. Not only on the same game but the same liquor store.  There were only 4 million-dollar winners in the whole game and she won 2.  She said her family is not getting a dime from this win, lol.  Good for her.  Crazy huh?

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This Happened In Michigan

So here is another great story, but closer to home, an Ionia County woman who thought she scored a $100 prize turned out she won the $300,000 Mystery Prize Cashword prize according to fox47news.com. WOW!

She is smart and wants to stay anonymous. She got her ticket at Cork and Bottle Liquor, at 324 S. Cochran Avenue in Charlotte.

I usually play a Cashword ticket every day,” she said. “I bought my daily ticket on the way home from work and scratched it when I got home. I thought I’d won $100, but I had my husband scan it on the Lottery app to be sure. When he told me it was a $300,000 winner, we were completely shocked.


Shall We Try Our Luck

Ok that it, I am going to buy some scratch-offs every day for a week from the Michigan Lottery and see if luck is still in the Michigan air.  You should too.  Good luck kids.

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