Many like me believe that there is a reason for everything that happens in this world and you never know what the good Lord is going to do for us when we wake up in the morning.

Sometimes winning big in the Michigan Lottery is just being at in the right place at the right time when you buy a scratch-off.

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Rolling Some Of It Over To More Tickets

I just love good luck lottery stories and really like this one, a Michigan man scratched off a $500 lottery ticket and I'm sure was very pleased. Then he did what I do when I win, he bought some more tickets to see if he was still lucky.

He cashed it and bought five $30 scratch-off tickets and one of them was a $4 million winner. WOW!

The Luck Continued For Michigan Man

He is a 74-year-old Macomb County man and how cool was it that his lucky streak continued to that Monster ticket.

I buy tickets twice a week, and I had hit for $500 on my previous purchase so I decided to buy five of the  Million Cash Explosion tickets for $30 each. The man said he scratched off the barcodes while still inside the Smoker's Outlet of Warren store and used the shop's scanner to see if he had won any prizes.The first was a $100 winner and the last one said to file a claim.


He says he is still very much stunned at his luck and winnings and says it may not hit him till he deposits it in the bank.

He is gonna buy a new car, travel and give some money to his family.

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