There is something Lucky going on here in Michigan these days. There have to be some Leprechauns visiting the state at various Airbnb's or something.  So many people have been winning some big cash in our lucky state.

I just told you about a Michigan woman who won $300,000 a few days ago. Also about a 21-year-old Michigan gal who won a load of cash and is buying her first house.  I love hearing about the good fortune of others as I continue to try my luck with the Lottery at least a few times a week.

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Well, here we go again LOL. This guy tried his luck on the Michigan Lottery’s new Diamond 7′s game which I have played and did win 500 bucks a few weeks back. This guy had quite a bit of better luck than I did according to  He won $4 million dollars, incredible.

Where The Lucky Ticket Was Sold

He is choosing to stay anonymous and purchased his winning ticket at 18-Dequindre Convenience,  at 40980 Dequindre Road in Sterling Heights.

I like to play a variety of instant games and decided on the Diamond 7′s game while I was at the store because it’s newer,” said the 33-year-old player. “I scanned the ticket and got a message to file a claim, so I took it home to have a family member scan it on their Lottery app. One of my family members looked it over and told me I’d won $500. Once we scanned it on the app and saw it was a $4 million winning ticket, we were shocked. It turned into a party.

Have You Ever Won A Big Prize?

What a great story, I will continue to play and maybe you will read about me someday winning a big prize.  While these Leprechauns are still here maybe you should take a shot as well.

What is the biggest prize you have won from the Lottery?

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