First, let me start by saying admitting that I'm guilty of this whole driving in the left lane on the highway issue. Growing up in Michigan and driving on highways like I-69, US-131, I-96 and I-94, I've always felt (literally) that the left-lanes on these highways seemed less 'bumpy' than the right-lane. For the record, I do move over to the right lane as soon as a car is remotely close to coming up behind me. That being said, it looks like I need to change my mind-set--ASAP.

According to Mlive, Michigan State Police will soon be cracking down on left-lane drivers on freeways in Michigan. According to the report, the campaign will mainly be focused on highways in the West Michigan area but I would imagine it will occur throughout the state. You can find out more about the crackdown AND read the LAW (as I did) by clicking here.

See ya in the right lane!

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