Do you remember back last summer when the Pure Michigan gods decided to bestow upon us a Faygo and ice cream combination? I do.

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Okay, maybe it wasn't the Pure Michigan gods, but it was Northville, Michigan's Browndog Barlor & Restaurant. Back in June of 2022, Browndog decided to take iconic Michigan favorites like Faygo Rock & Rye, Red Pop, and more and turn them into delicious, summery treats, as seen below.

Now, this restaurant (which is known for mixing up deliciously boozy shakes and awesome bar food) is making its way to Lansing.

Browndog at the Lansing Shuffle

Lansing Shuffle (formerly the Lansing City Market) is opening its doors for the first time since its complete overhaul on January 26th. Lansing Shuffle is going to open with five restaurants (for now, they may introduce more), "two bars, live music, drink and food specials, merch discounts and general good times and revelry."

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And later this summer, Lansing Shuffle will have a lot more fun going on when they open its Shuffleboard Pavilion.

I am so excited about some new life that's being breathed into the old Lansing City Market. In its heyday, the Lansing City Market played home to all kinds of eateries, bars, events, and vendors. It drew so many residents there to have a good time. I'm glad to see that we'll have the opportunity to have fun there once again. And in all honesty, I'm super stoked about enjoying all the yummy ice cream that Browndog makes.

Browndog isn't the only restaurant you'll be able to try during the grand opening. Check out all that's going on in the Facebook post HERE.

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