Have you ever wanted to be on the "Wheel of Fortune"? I know I have. Imagine winning yourself a few thousand dollars and a car. I'm not even kidding, I'd faint.

I may never win, but I'm definitely going to be living vicariously through Michigan native, Kyle Baird. Not only did he win $72,000 in cash and prizes, but he also won a Ford Mustang convertible. Does anyone know if Kyle's looking for someone to enjoy that mustang with? If so, I volunteer as tribute.

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Baird is from Grosse Pointe and is currently an MBA student at UCLA Anderson School of Management. If anyone deserves to win on the "Wheel of Fortune", it's this guy. He's the co-president of Challenge for Charity. It's his school's largest charitable organization that helps kids and teens with business skills and individuals with intellectual disabilities through sports with Special Olympics.

Baird was able to solve one of the first two toss-up puzzles for $2,000 and won $10,600 after solving the first main puzzle. The second main puzzle was solved by his opponent. Which was no sweat off Baird's brow, he solved the third puzzle, earning him $9,320 and a trip to Antigua.

He was able to solve two of the last three adding another $4,000 to his total. The final puzzle was won by the third place contest. Baird finished with $27,820 which took him to the final round.

In the bonus round, Baird's category was "Food and Drink." After guessing almost every letter, it was pretty obvious the answer was "barbecue sauce." The show ended with Baird walking away with a Ford Mustang convertible, a trip to Antigua and $72,390.


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