It's not mandatory, however, the Michigan Department of Natural Resource's law enforcement division is urging hunters to wear orange when the spring turkey season gets underway on April 18th.

For those (like me) wondering about the rules on hunter orange clothing, here are the specific requirements in Michigan posted by Hunter Course. (I thought you had to wear orange all the time...but apparently I was wrong--again.)

All firearm hunters in Michigan are REQUIRED to wear an outer garment of hunter orange color that is visible from all sides, when they are hunting on ANY land during daylight hours. An example of an acceptable garment is a hat, cap, vest, jacket, rainwear, or other outer garment. Camouflage Hunter Orange is legal provided at least 50% of the surface area is solid Hunter Orange. Exceptions to the Hunter Orange requirement include waterfowl, crow, dove, and wild turkey hunters, as well as bow hunters for deer during the open archery season.

The spring turkey season runs until May 31st. For a complete list of the different hunting seasons in Michigan and their specific dates, click here.