Do you have a beer lover you're struggling to find a gift for this holiday season? Why not buy them some merch from their favorite Michigan brewery this year!

I was actually considering driving out to Holland to Big Lake Brewing to grab a Christmas stout pack for my buddy, but they're sold out. So I came up with another idea! Merch from his favorite Michigan brewery!

Here's some cool Michigan breweries you could buy merch from...

Bell's Brewery

They have brewing kits, outerwear, glassware and stuff for pets. Is Two Hearted their favorite beer? Maybe their dog is their best friend. Buy them a Two Hearted t-shirt or hoodie and their dog a matching collar! You can shop their merch online.

Old Nation Brewing Company

What're you looking for cause they have it all. Old Nation has stickers, ornaments, hats, you name it. Maybe you're just looking for a beer koozie or a tumbler, they've got those too!

Atwater Brewery

Are you sick of seeing this person bring their belongings in a black garbage bag when they come to town for a visit? Atwater has some pretty nice duffle bags! Or maybe this person is always cold, they've got blankets and beanies too.

Cheboygan Brewing

Every time you see this person, are they always wearing a flannel? Why not get them one from Cheboygan Brewing! Maybe they've been talking about how they need some new polo's for next years golfing season, you can buy them here.

Griffin Claw Brewing Company

Band tees are out and beer tees are in. Grab them a shirt from Griffin Claw for Christmas! My favorite one is their "Wish you were beer." t-shirt.

Big Lake Brewing

Are they the King or Queen of ugly Christmas sweaters? Big Lake Brewing has an ugly sweater they cold rock this year. Or maybe they're like me and collect stickers from breweries, grab them a couple!

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