Back in 2004, a 17-year-old Brianne Randall-Gay reported being sexually abused by Larry Nassar during an examination to the Meridian Township Police. After speaking with Nassar, who claimed the procedure was entirely medical, Meridian Twp dropped the case. Now, Meridian Township Officials are issuing an apology.

According to The Detroit News, Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh issued a few apologizes to Randall-Gay about the incident. Walsh said Nassar "deceived and manipulated" township police in 2004 about what actually during the examination. Walsh also said to Randall-Gay that "we failed you. We let you down...".

Moving forward, Randall-Gay will be working with the Meridian Township Police department to "train its staff on handling future sexual assault cases." To read more about the apology and what's being done, click here.

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