As co-hosts of the 2016 ACM Awards on Sunday (April 3), Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley are under a lot of pressure. Not only do they have to be entertaining, they also have to make sure not to offend any of their friends sitting in the audience.

"In country it's different than other awards shows where they're roasting people, when they don't see them ever again," Bentley says at a press conference Friday afternoon.  "These are one of our neighbors... they're our friends... they own guns."

Bentley and Bryan have prepared to make sure no lines will be crossed and no bridges will be burned during Sunday's live broadcast, and as always (okay, not always), the duo plans to keep things classy. But that doesn't mean the pair still won't have fun.

"I think we had a couple of things in the script that the writers wrote, and we were like, 'I don't know if we ought to say that now.' You're careful of that," Bryan explains. "There's that fine line of just the right taking it too far but not being un-classy about it. It's obvious you're just roasting and joking with them a bit."

The 2016 ACM Awards will broadcast live from Las Vegas on April 3 at 8PM ET on CBS. The hosts have a game plan to ensure the show is both professional and energetic. After all, their safety is on the line.

"We don't wanna get stabbed in a local Nashville coffee shop," Bryan states. Bentley adds, "You gotta make it edgy, and we're gonna make it fun."

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