100.7 WITL, Lansing's #1 For New Country has yet another big way for you to win!

While we're not allowed to say much about it now, we can give you a few hints...

1) Listen to Banana Don & Stephanie McCoy Monday morning at 7:05 because they will have all of the info for you.

2) The prizes will have something to do with some really big Country stars.

3) There will be lots of winners of these prizes. 100.7 WITL will be making lots of winners, which is something that we always love to do.

4) The winning will take place on 100.7 WITL this week.

5) The prizes will take the winners to different places so they can enjoy themselves and their prizes.

Whatever you need to do to remind yourself, be sure to be listening to 100.7 WITL Monday morning to get the information from Banana & Stephanie that you'll need to make it easier for you to win this week!

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