This week we got the chance to meet more Wittle At Work/Pizza House Lunch Break Winners, Desiree and the staff at Lansing Neurosurgery! Desiree was our latest winner and now she and her staff with be enjoying a catered lunch from the Pizza House in the Hannah Plaza on Hagadorn Road in East Lansing that includes subs, salads, pizza and pasta.

We found out on our visit to Lansing Neurosurgery that Desiree is a bit of a competitor. She saw a previous big group photo of Wittle At Work winners (the group from MSU Health Team-CBO pictured here) and wanted to get more people in her group photo than they had. Well, she was close. :) And for the record, there were two managers at Lansing Neurosurgery (Michelle and Sandra) that were taking photos so that would've increased their total.

Congrats to Gina, Heidi, Marcie, Megan, Nadia, Sonya, Cas, Michelle, Desiree, Shelly, Amber, Sheri and Shawn! And thank you for listening! :)

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