The weather has been pretty wonky lately, and thanks to all these rapid freeze and then thaw periods we've been experiencing, Michigan is seeing pothole season a lot sooner than usual.

According to WILX, the unusually high number of potholes for this time of year hasn't gone unnoticed. Public Service Director for the City of Lansing, Chad Gamble, says "We're used to seeing pothole season in the springtime. What we're not used to is it being in the middle of winter." Measures are being taken... the City of Lansing is running two to four crews during normal work hours fixing the potholes, with their efforts focused on major roads at this time.

If you know of a particularly colossal pothole, there are a couple things you can do to let the right people know. You can call the City of Lansing's "Pothole Hotline" at (517) 483-4161, or you can get the "Lansing Connect" app for your smartphone, and report major potholes by taking a picture or video!

Let's do one more thing, I need your help with this one Wittle Family! If you happen to know of an especially large pothole, let us know! You can can tell us in the comments below, or message us on the WITL Facebook! I'll start us off... If you're traveling north on 127 and get off at the Michigan Ave/Kalamazoo exit, there's a doozie of a pothole on the left side of the left most exit lane, right before you come to the light at Kalamazoo and Homer.

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