According to the Lansing State Journal, Jeremy Morey, a former Marine (I know - "once a Marine, always a Marine") and now a plumber living in Lansing, is in the running to be on a new reality TV show. He's one of 30 or 40 finalists, for one of 15 spots, in a show called "Utopia". The show will be airing on Fox TV in September. The premise is that they give 15 VERY different people some raw materials and let them live together in the wilderness for a year.

And even though he's one of many competing to be on the show, he was one of only four people introduced to the Television Critics Association in Hollywood this last weekend, so....

Jeremy seems like the kind of guy who MIGHT be a WITL listener. So, Jeremy, if you see this - get in touch with us - we're pulling for you.


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