Things just got a little weirder in the NASCAR nation with revelations that Kurt Busch's ex-girlfriend tried to "help" Tony Stewart manipulate the media coverage after the accident that resulted in the death of dirt track racer Kevin Ward. According to, Patricia Driscoll ALLEGEDLY emailed Tony's PR team and offered her expertise in "Psychological Operations", which includes convincing "large and small groups of people to do what you want".

One of her suggestions was to have Roger Penske speak to the media about "the dangers of people walking down the track.” Another suggestion was to dredge up the story of Richard Petty's drag racing accident, in 1965, that resulted in the death of an 8-year old boy.

As you may or may not know, Driscoll is accusing Busch of assaulting her in his motor home at the Dover NASCAR race in September 2014, and is requesting a protection order that would keep Busch away from her. During the initial hearing Busch testified that Driscoll told him she was a trained government assassin.

Quite the sideshow. And the Daytona 500 is coming up on Feb. 22nd.


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