According to a new survey from, Michigan marriages are some of the most successful in the nation. In Michigan, marriages last, on average, 21.6 years. We're not tops in that category, but we're near the top. Maine and West Virginia were tied at the top for the longest average length of marriages - 22.6 years. Following those two and ahead of Michigan were Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

On the other hand, the shortest marriages lived in....anybody?...anybody?...Washington D.C. - the Arguing Capital of The United States. Those marriages last, on average, 10.6 years (I'm surprised they last THAT long) Not surprisingly, the actual divorce capital of the U.S. is the state of Nevada, where they're known for their "quickie divorces".

The average age for getting married in Michigan was 28.9 years old. So, if you're under 29 and your parents are asking you why you haven't gotten married yet, tell them, "It isn't time yet." And, "I'll call you after I get home from my wild date this week."

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