From the Banana Car to dinosaurs in the snow and the happiest TSA agent on earth, this Kalamazoo TikTok creator has gone viral multiple times.

Tara Severino goes by the very clever handle @taranormal on TikTok.  Tara currently has 50.8 thousand followers and is working her way up to 1 million total video likes.  Tara is a mother of two kids and works in the international education/immigration field  Tara tells us she just wants to make TikToks with and for her kids,

I make family-friendly TikToks mostly to make my own kids laugh and sometimes I can convince them to do them with me.

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Before we get to the most viewed videos on @taranormal's TikTok profile, I'd like to share a couple of my favorites from her account.  This video isn't in the ballpark of being among her most viewed.  However, taranormal's TikTok of the happiest TSA agent in America is my favorite on her profile.  Protect this man at all costs.

My second favorite video from @taranormal is her Jurassic Park in the Winter...on a budget.

Now we get to her very viral videos.  Nothing says Kalamazoo like the Banana Car.  Two of her Banana Car videos went super-viral being viewed 3.5 and 4.5 million times each.


Tara's favorite TikTokers include:

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