Who doesn't love a big plate of pasta? Yum, throw in some meatballs and Italian sausage and I am a happy guy. Growing up in an Italian family there was always pasta on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Mom, my aunts, and uncles would cook the sauce for hours, and what a great smell it was when you walked in the house. Then Mom would crack you in the back of the head because you were tasting too much.  Back then there were not a lot of sauces in grocery stores, but today you can buy some pretty good ones with many choices.

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Where Is The Spaghetti?

So where can you find a good plate of spaghetti in the Lansing area? Well, not Mcdonald's, but they did have it on the menu 40 years ago and yes it was called  "McSpaghetti".

So according to yelp.com here are the some of best we should try in the Lansing area.

So what makes a good plate of spaghetti? Well for me I like a meat sauce with lots of Italian seasoning. I also like it  "Al Dente" where the pasta tastes and feels the best. It's chewy and firm, holding its whole shape in whatever sauce you put it in.  You don't want to overcook pasta.

Share Your Pasta Secrets

Many in my family don't share their recipes, if you do, please share. Where is your favorite restaurant for Pasta?

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