Lansing's food scene is already pretty drool-worthy. There's everything from perfectly fried pub food, to fresh salads, to melt-in-your-mouth smoked, and decadent desserts... there's a little something for everyone in our fair city. But, that doesn't mean that even with all this yumminess, that there isn't room for more.

Now, I'm going to say something that might be controversial, but here goes; I think there are some chain restaurants that Lansing is desperately missing. Don't get me wrong, locally owned eateries have and will always have my heart and continued patronage.  But if I have to travel all the way to the west side of the country to get some 'Animal Fries' from In-N-Out Burger, I might cry.

In-N-Out Burger isn't the only yummy chain glaringly missing from not only Lansing's, but Michigan's food scene as well. Places like Zaxby's take a trip down south. And don't even get me started on the fact that Michigan doesn't have a Waffle House!

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To be fair, we did recently get a Raising Cane's in Downtown East Lansing. So, here's to progress.

After spending some time deep in thought and wishful thinking, I put together a list of the must-have chain restaurants that Lansing desperately needs. These aren't just any old places; they're the kind of joints that have a cult following and rave reviews from foodies.

12 Chain Restaurants So Good That We Need Them in Lansing

Take a peek at the gallery below and get ready to daydream about the possibility of these tasty additions.

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12 Chain Restaurants So Good That We Need Them in Lansing

Don't get it twisted... Lansing's food scene is already pretty tasty! There's a great mix of local and national places serving up a variety of cuisines. But there's always room for more good food. Take a look at the chain restaurants that would make a delicious addition to Lansing.

Gallery Credit: Kristen Matthews

Lansing Restaurants That Should Be Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

The Lansing restaurants listed below are gems of the city. If you haven't been to all of them yet, add them to your list. We think Guy Fieri should add them to his list as well so he can feature them the next time he comes back to Lansing for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

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