Quietly, and without much fanfare, another Lansing restaurant has closed its doors.

If you're looking for sliders, fries, and live entertainment, you'll have to look elsewhere because Green Dot Stables in Lansing has closed its doors for the last time.

Green Dot Stables in Lansing Has Closed Permanently

This closure comes shortly after Green Dot Stables just reopened this past February. Here's the post that Green Dot made on their Facebook page, essentially doing a "last call".

Sunday, June 30 was the last day.

Green Dot Stables was open for less than 5 months this time around. However, this wasn't the first time that Green Dot tried their hand at being open in Lansing.

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Way back in the day, The Whiskey Barrel was the name of the bar at that location. Green Dot took it over back in December of 2017. And, after facing major setbacks from a damaging flood and the aftereffects of COVID-19, Green Dot closed in July of 2022. The Junction (a dance and event bad) took over that space shortly thereafter. But even The Junction closed in January when Green Dot took it back over.

It's always sad to see a business go, especially one that tried so hard to make it work for so long. I hope that the employees are able to find work.

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