Don't panic.

Flap Jack Family Restaurant in Frandor is not closing for good - just for what's hoped to be a short time.

Flap Jack Family Restaurant in Frandor
Flap Jack Family Restaurant in Frandor. Photo via GoogleMaps

Why Is Flap Jack Family Restaurant in Frandor Currently Closed?

My heart sank as I drove past the corner of Grand River Avenue and Homer Street in Lansing last night.

The Flap Jack sign with the missing letters that's tried to say "NOW OPEN" for years was now blank. There were no cars in the parking lot. As a matter of fact, there wasn't even a parking lot anymore.

Sign at Flap Jack Family Restaurant in Frandor
Photo via GoogleMaps

Heavy equipment had bulldozed away all the asphalt and potholes. There was just dirt everywhere, and the windows on the building looked like the place had been vacated.

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At first glance, it would appear that the times had caught up with the venerable Lansing institution and that it had fallen by the wayside like so many other favorite Lansing restaurants.

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While Flap Jack in Frandor is indeed currently closed, it hopes to reopen for service by this weekend.

Overhead View of Flap Jack in Frandor
Aerial view of Flap Jack Family Restaurant in Frandor, showing the parking lot in disrepair. Photo via GoogleMaps

Facebook user and Flap Jack employee Heather P. tells the group Lansing Foodies that "we are closed till Friday, unless they have a setback. They are redoing the parking lot."

So Flap Jack fans rejoice! You should be able to enjoy your delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts at Flap Jack in Frandor again by this Saturday.

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