The Beer Exchange is a bar in Kalamazoo, and it's basically like a stock exchange - for beer. "Drink prices rise and fall like stock prices"; so sometimes you get a pint of Oberon for $4, or $5, or when the market "crashes", you can get an Oberon for $2.50. I had the pleasure of visiting the Beer Exchange, and found it to be really fun and interactive. Also, beer. Need I say more? So, I was saddened to hear that the Lansing Beer Exchange project that was in the works, is no longer happening.

According to the Lansing State Journal, the "Eyde Company terminated its deal with Lansing Beer Exchange  to open on the northwest corner of Washington Square and Washtenaw Street above Domino's." The owner of the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange, James Flora, signed the lease in November, with hopes to be open this Spring. And although Eyde Company terminated lease, it seems like the decision may have come from the Beer Exchange end of things. Nick Eyde, "principal at Eyde Co.", says he "hope[s] Jim and his group still consider Lansing in the future."

Whatever the case, I'm sadden that the Beer Exchange isn't coming to Lansing. But, Eyde says he's already "marketing the property to other prospective tenants". so maybe we'll see something new in Downtown Lansing sooner rather than later. Get more details on this story, HERE.

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