My phone is going crazy.

It all started on Saturday when I was at the arts & crafts show in Haslett. I was checking out all the different booths when over the loudspeakers I heard the man (I think it was one of our listeners by the way...*HI JOE*) announce that it was Sweetest Day. I felt bad that I forgot about the big day and sent this text to my husband and I got a very strange response:

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie McCoy's phone

I'm not really sure what that response is...I did some Google searching and have seen that is contains Chinese and Korean symbols (as well as some others.) Well, I did what everyone does when they don't know how to fix a problem--I turned my phone off and on and tried again. That seemed to fix the problem until this morning...

We lost power for a brief time last Friday and my husband reset all of the alarm clocks in the house...or so I thought. Here's the text I sent him this morning and his some weird language...again:

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie McCoy's phone

I turned the phone off and on again and so far all communication is in English again--for now. Have you had this problem? What did you do to fix it? For the record, my phone is a Samsung android and his is an iphone.