There are many great restaurants as we know in the Lansing area, whether it's Italian, Steak, Mexican or Chinese.  At least twice a month I am Sichuan head and ready for some egg drop soup or spicy chicken and of course I love rice and noodles.

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Well, check this out Trizest in Sterling Heights has a sister restaurant that has a menu that is pretty close according to Plus they also have southwestern Chinese bangers.

Great Chinese Food In Lansing

Good news for Lansing folks that love Chinese food. So get ready to head over to Hong Kong at 315 S Homer St, whether it's dine-in or carry-out.


The restaurant has been rolling for about 20 years in an unassuming building that appears to be a converted drive-in, and it seems that it's largely a word-of-mouth operation. New owner Na Zhang partly bought the restaurant and re-opened it after a temporary pandemic closure in October because she says it's an institution among Michigan State's Chinese students and teachers.


There are some things on the menu at Hong Kong that are not on Trizest's. Meals like salt miners poached beef. (tender meat, cabbage, onions, celery, and garlic in a fatty, viscous broth). And check this out, the chef at Hong Kong can make a dish a little differently each time you are there if you order a favorite on the menu a lot.

Like it Hot Or Spicy?

If you like hot or even spicy food there is plenty on the menu like hot spicy and sour cucumbers, and their spicy dried tofu salad. I'm not picky, I will try all dishes with beef, chicken, and tofu.

You can check out the menu here.

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