American Idol is still going to be happening this year, but due to coronavirus it will mostly be happening at home, so if you want to audition it will be very different. American Idol will be different this year because it will have remote auditions from all 50 states including Washington DC and it will be called “Idol Across America”. This will give singers an even better chance to get on the show as you won't have to wait for hours and hours on long lines outside before you finally get inside to sing in front of the judges.

Here is how it will work. First you have to be between 15-28 years old to audition. You then have to register for a time, which you can do here, but you have to hurry because Michigan isn't full but some other states are so a lot of people want to audition from their house. Michigan's audition date is August 24th, but if Michigan is full you can might be able to pick another state/date.  After you pick the state and date you want to audition in you have to register, which you can do here.

Two singers from Michigan made the top 40 last year, one from Jackson and one from Saginaw, so let's keep this Michigan singer trend going.

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