As you know traveling over the holidays can be a real pain in the, well you know what I mean. A few of the things I have learned over the years is to always fly non-stop. Less of a chance to be delayed and of course waiting for the second flight is a pain.

Now that I live in Lansing, I can drive home to Chicago for the holidays instead of flying, and depending on the weather it is so much easier.

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Holidays are here and Thanksgiving is only a few days away and AAA estimates close to 1.6 million Michigan residents will travel for Thanksgiving.  Yes, up this year by 14 percent from the number of travelers during the holiday last year.

What AAA is Saying About Travel This Year

AAA says that nearly 150,000 of those Michigan travelers will travel by air according to

Many more folks will be getting out of Dodge this year from The Capital Region International Airport.  They say Wednesday thru Sunday will of course be the busiest days. Back in 2019, only about 29,000 people flew in and out of the airport in November while last year that number dropped around 7500.


I think we’re definitely planning to see more travelers than we saw at this time last year," said Katherine Japinga, the director of marketing at Capital Region International Airport. "Again just given the wide availability of the vaccine and more people feeling comfortable traveling this year. I think we’re anticipating things to be a lot busier around here for the next couple of weeks.


Travel Safe

Just a reminder give yourself a little bit of extra time because there are gonna be more crowds and you might see more folks in the lines for security as well. Lines may long to when you check into your flights. Also, bring masks and hand sanitizer.

Travel safe and Happy Thanksgiving kids.

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