Who you see in the photo surrounding two active duty Marines are the men who are veteran Marines and members of the Tuefel Hunden Chapter of the Leathernecks MC.

For the past few years they have been an important part of our Toy-A-Thon. We look forward to their visit every year. They're a great bunch of guys who come with cash and toys that they have gathered throughout the year and drop it all off here at the WITL studios.

Just as we enjoy our freedom because of their service to our country, there are many kids who will enjoy Christmas because the same men serve a wonderful organization, Toys For Tots.

While serving in the Marine Corp and collecting toys are two vastly different things, I believe that a common thread runs through these men who made the choice to defend a nation and who make the choice to brighten the lives of children during the holidays.

They stand up and they make a difference.

Just like heroes.