OMG, someone in our office just told me about her genius scheme to save money on Valentine's Day. (I swear, this wasn't my idea, although I've been accused of being an extreme tightwad.)

I offered up the fact that my wife Denise and I always buy our cards at a dollar store. Sure, the selection isn't quite as good as what you'll find at a card shop or the greeting card aisle at any other store, but so what? Paying one dollar is better than paying six, am I right?

But Whitney -- one of our office rockstars here at Cars 108 -- volunteered that she and her husband take cheapness one step further:

  1. Go to the card store together.
  2. Each partner chooses a card for the other.
  3. Exchange cards.
  4. Once you're finished reading, put the cards back. Be sure to put them in the correct card slot, because that's never a mess...

Happy Valentine's Day, cheapskates!


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