Are you planning on participating in dry January? That of course is when you do NOT drink any alcohol for the whole month of January. Tough for some folks. A few good friends of mine have been doing it for the last 5 years. I am doing it this year and going to hit the gym instead of picking up a cold one. This should be pretty easy this year for everyone in Michigan because the bars and restaurants are still closed. It will be easy for me as I very rarely drink at home. Hopefully everything will reopen the middle of this month.

Here’s what you should know if you’d like to give it a shot from

  • There are plenty of emotional and physical benefits.
  • Total abstinence may be unrealistic. If you have to break it one day, just get right back to it.
  • It may also encourage extreme behaviors. Be careful, you don't want to drink more in February.

Personally I think it is much harder to give up sweets than drinking alcohol. The folks that did it last year said they had more energy, were more alert, and actually dropped some weight.

Are you planning on doing a dry January? Have you ever done it?

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