We all have our own ways to relax, and mine is fishing. Growing up in Chicago as a kid, we used to go all the time, but the lakes in Illinois are like fishing in a swimming pool. Lakes in the forest preserves and Chicago suburbs were not stocked very well, and I remember always getting skunked.

I remember as a boy going fishing in the Kankakee river where we fished for catfish and cleaned them, battered them in corn meal, and fried them up immediately after. So delicious! Those were good times and great memories, but knew I wanted more challenging fishing escapades.

I did do some fun fishing in Florida when I lived there 2015 to 2018. I had a great time fishing for hogfish, grouper, red fish and snook. All great eating and so fun to catch. Occasionally I went for tarpon, which are fun to catch but not very good eating. Man do they put up a fight.

I have really always been a fan of fresh water fishing, and that's why I know I'm going to love fishing in Michigan. I did always hear as a kid how great the fishing was here for bass, northern pike, walleye and muskie.  It really helps to know the lakes and the hot spots, so I'm hoping to meet some fisherman in the area who can give me some tips. If that's you, help a guy out! Where are the best places for me to check out?

I'd love to hear any fishing stories or learn about hot fishing spots anywhere in Michigan. Feel free to buzz the the morning show any morning or message us with your tips. And happy fishing!

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