After some pretty nice days weather-wise (except for that hailstorm the other night), the time has come to change things up on you. (It's spring in Michigan and we all knew it was going to happen). First, there's a Wind Advisory in effect for the Lansing area today. The Wind Advisory is in effect from 11 am until 8 pm tonight. The National Weather Service says that we could see winds gusting to between 35 and 40 mph at times throughout the day which could result in some downed trees, branches and power lines into tonight.

Next, there's the possibility that we'll see some snowflakes tonight. The snow will most likely be mixed with some rain showers before midnight and then there's "a chance of snow showers between midnight and 3 am" so hopefully you'll sleep right through it. Now, we all know that the forecast could should change by tonight--it is Michigan--but just wanted to give you the heads up. Here's the forecast.

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Photos Of The Hail Storm That Hit The Lansing Area on Tuesday, April 7th, 2020


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