You know the saying if you were trapped on a desert island and you can only have 3 foods what would they be. Mine would be pizza, cheese, and chocolate.  I know I should have something a little healthier, but those are my favorites.

There have been many new restaurants in the greater Lansing in 2021 and plenty more on the way.

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Here is my top pick for my favorite new restaurant I have been to this year and I have to say I am addicted.  And it's included in as one of many great restaurants in the area. It's Called That's What Cheese Said.

4 Places To Visit Soon

That’s What Cheese Said. If you're a cheese lover like me you are gonna love this place. I had the jalapeno grilled cheese, WOW. The mac and cheese dishes are truly incredible, so are all the grilled cheese sandwiches. You can also get gourmet cheese on things like chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, pulled pork sandwiches, and smoked sausage sandwiches.

The Peanut Shop. Lansing's favorite snack shop downtown for nearly 50 years.

Saddleback Barbecue.  They are now getting into the pizza business with "Slice by Saddleback". It is set to debut in January. Yum.

Château Coffee Co. Is a new coffee shop opening in later this month on South Waverly Road. Freshly brewed coffees with beans from 517 Coffee Co, on Lansing’s south side on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. 

All these great places are such great to visit over the holidays and into 2022 as we get ready for a great new year in the Lansing area.

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