One West Michigan man is in custody while at least another is on the run after Wednesday's police chase.

A 27-year-old Grand Rapids man is now behind bars after he allegedly stole firearms from Al and Bob's Sports on 68th Street before 1 AM on Wednesday morning according to WZZM 13,

The suspect allegedly stole firearms from the sporting goods store and fled the scene in a stolen van. When deputies arrived, they attempted to pull over the vehicle but it was traveling at a high rate of speed.

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The suspect then lost control of the stolen van and crashed into the front of the McDonald's that sits right next to the Speedway gas station, just across the street from where the pursuit began.

The Kent County Sheriff's deputies were able to catch the suspect at the Speedway gas station where he attempted to steal another car to getaway.

The Kent County Sheriff's Department has reasons to believe there is at least one more suspect involved in the robbery of Al and Bob's Sports.  They're working to find the number of firearms stolen along with the identity of any other suspects involved in the heist.  The Kent County Sheriff's Office is asking that anyone with any information on this case please call 616-632-6125.  WZZM points out that you can also leave tips on this case anonymously by calling the Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.

Meanwhile, this McDonald's location looks like the Kool-Aid man made a special appearance.

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