First the Potter Park Zoo welcomed new otter triplets and now they've received some new toys and furniture. From the big carnivores to the otters, everyone is winning. Here's an update on the otter pups.

General Motors has donated twenty-six used fire hoses for the animals to play with. Making this the second donation from GM Flint Metal Center. Carnivore and Primate Lead Keep, Annie Marcum told Fox47 that they can be used for all sorts of activities.

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We can use it to make a bunch of different things for our animals. We use it to make things like toys. We fold it in different ways to make cubes, or braids, or puzzle feeders.

Tina Burry, the senior environmental engineer at GM Flint Assembly, Flint Engine, and Flint metal says GM's fire hoses have to be switched out every five years. Instead of tossing them, they're trying to eliminate their waste footprint by donating them.

We’re trying to eliminate or reduce our waste footprint as much as possible. So if there are things that we are generating as part of our business operations what we’re trying to do I guess is become more aware of opportunities instead of maybe considering it trash to be thrown away.

Before donating them, the hoses must go through a specific process to make sure there isn't any left over chemical residue that would cause harm.

Did you know that some zoos will accept donated Christmas trees as well? I never knew this until a listener called into the show one day. The trees make great toys and food for certain zoo animals! So if you buy a real Christmas tree every year and don't know what to do with it after the holiday season, call the Potter Park Zoo to see if they're taking any donations!

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